Walk - In Services

Pawdicure : $15.00

Face Trim : $10.00

15 minute comb out + Nail Trim : $20.00

Quick Fix: $27.00

- Face, feet & bum trim - Sanitary shave - Nail clipping

- Breath freshener

(Prices as shown do not include taxes)

Extra Services

Star Treatment : $22.00

- Nail grind - Cologne - Deep coat conditioner - Teeth brushing + breath spray - blue berry facial

Nail Polish : $10.00

Custom Stencil : $10.00

Colored Mohawk: $10.00

Feather Extensions: $12.00

Anal Glands: $4.00

(Prices as shown do not include taxes)

Basic Grooming

$55.00 + GST per hour

- Bath - Nail Trimming - Ear Cleaning - Cut & Style

Our prices reflect the time we spend with your pet on the table. We believe all pets are individuals with individual needs, some are very relaxed and can be completed with ease where as some may need more patience and understanding. Our goal is to teach each of our furry clients that grooming can be easy and fun. As your pet continues his or her care with us and becomes more comfortable and require less time, the price will reflect on that as well. We have installed this pricing system to be competitive and fair to our clients as well as our extremely knowledgeable and caring Groomers.

We are invested on the education and experience of our Grooming staff and provide high quality care. 

Dog Training

Classes are held on Monday evenings.

Our dog training services are provided by FLOPPS & hosted in our Parlor. Please follow the link for more information.